Hej, Hello, Bonjour !

Welcome to my website. I have always been passionate about food and working with food. I love creating menus with a healthy influence and letting the food speak for its freshness. Being Swedish, I also cook traditional Swedish recipes with a modern twist. I believe fresh and healthy produce can help us feel better and live longer and best of all tastes delicious!

I am originally from the Southern part of Sweden but I have now lived over 18 years abroad. After starting my travels in France it didn’t take long before I started working on Private Yachts and continued doing this for over 10 years. I have picked up a lot of my recipes from my travels and most from the southern hemisphere where I was based for many years. I spend over 4 years cooking in Australia and mostly based out of Sydney. Where I absolutely loved the fresh produce and best of all, amazing sea food! After many years of traveling I have now returned back to France. I have got 3 children, my son is 8 years old and twins ( boy & girl ) who are 6 1/2. Me and my family are now based in the South of France in St Paul de Vence. It’s a beautiful place to live and food is a very important part of the way of life here. It’s the perfect place to grow fresh fruit and vegetables.

If you are looking for someone to help with catering / food planning or with events please do not hesitate to contact me, Sara at Sparks cuisine so we can discuss further. I am very happy to help to make everything from your dinner party at home to your wedding the best experience possible.

Some feedback ..

Spirit Azur / Event Organiser

"Thank you Sara for providing consistently fresh, tasty and beautifully presented food at my events. It is always a pleasure to work alongside you, your professionalism and care for detail are very much appreciated….” – Alex Cowell Owner of Spirit Azur >>

Swedish Riviera Club / Svenska Riviera Klubben

"We often employ Sparks Cuisine for our different Events at Villa Ingeborg. We are very impressed by the high quality of food Sara is producing and the high level of service and also very impressed by how very organised she is." – Kerstin Snellen, Events Manager >>

S/Y Ipixuna

"We have always strived to keep the standards of the cooking and also the quality of my guests experience aboard Ipixuna at the very highest level. Sara has been key to achieving this goal these past four years as she is not only an excellent cook but has also surpassed all expectations in discharge of her many other duties. We cannot recommend Sara Parks enough." – L Murdoch, Yacht Owner >>